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Posted: April 23, 2020

3 Factors that Contribute to a Great Senior Living Community

Every senior living community is unique with its own sets of pros and cons. While amenities, activities, and the like are important, they are not necessarily at the core of what makes a senior living community great.

To avoid getting overwhelmed by all the different things senior living offers in addition to a place to live, it can be helpful to have a few guiding factors to stick to.

The following contains three traits every senior living community worth consideration should have. 


The Community  Offers Individualized Support

Residents of every senior living community are individuals and should be treated as such. Of course, there are standards that should be met for every resident. But, beyond that, you should be able to tell that the community respects and treats every resident according to their own specific needs as an individual.

The staff should also be well qualified for the job. Some states have a minimum staff to resident ratios, but this can be deceiving. Every staff member is included in these ratios, from groundskeepers to registered nurses (RN’s). So, you should be clear on who provides care to the residents, how they do it, and what their qualifications are.The Community Itself Feels Like a Real Home

This will be your loved one’s home in their new stage of life. So, they should be able to walk through the doors and feel like they are entering a space that people don’t just stay in or visit but truly live in.

This does not mean it needs to be exactly like the home that they currently live in, but they should have spaces where they can feel at home and comfortable, from their bedroom to the common areas.


The Community is Committed to Life Enrichment

So many things fall into life enrichment: activities, events, level of care, amenities, quality of communities, family visits. Everything the community does for the residents should be rooted in the desire to improve their lives both as individuals and as a community.

The community should encourage visits from families by allowing them the freedom of scheduled and impromptu visits and inviting them to community events. The residents should also feel that they have the freedom to leave with the family to engage in life outside of the community.

Staff should be committed to bringing the residents together through events and activities. They should also have strategies to help residents get the most out of their life and a sense of purpose.


Ask Around

Reading online, speaking with representatives, and visiting in person should help you get an understanding of how well the community meets your needs.

But, you should also take some time to speak with other residents and see how they like it! Everyone has different preferences, so something they like or do not like might speak to you differently. In either case, it will benefit you immensely to do all that you can to learn about the community from both its staff and residents.

All of this should help you decide whether this community is not only a great senior living community but also the perfect new home for you or your loved one.


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