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Posted: February 9, 2022

Memory Care

Transitioning from Assisted Living to Memory Care: What to Expect

Transitioning your loved from an Assisted Living apartment to Memory Care might seem like a daunting task. Certainly, it is challenging to know when the right time is and how to talk to your loved one about the move. Luckily, the memory care experts at Sugar Fork Crossing are available to help guide these decisions and help you and your loved one manage the transition with ease.

First, schedule a chat with the Memory Support Coordinator so they can better understand the resident and his/her needs, background, habits, interests, and memories. You will be provided with recommendations on what to bring and not bring. Depending on the individual person’s needs, transition can involve spending some time within the neighborhood to become familiar with it or it can be a quick move trying to keep the private or companion suite as familiar as possible. Time will be spent with your family or loved ones as needed to assist with the transition. 

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How Memory Care Differs From Assisted Living

Our Memory Care neighborhood is designed to keep your loved one safe while maintaining their dignity. Our team provides additional assistance with their activities of daily living while ensuring they are not able to wander away from home. Another consideration is floor plan. Choosing the right floor plan for your loved one’s needs will help ensure they feel right at home. Visiting a loved one in Memory Care may differ slightly from Assisted Living. However, our Memory Care Coordinators are here to guide you in a visitation schedule and style that will be most beneficial for both of you.

Opportunities for Engaging Activities

Residents in Memory Care participate in our life enrichment programs, which are specifically tailored to your loved one’s interests, passions, and hobbies. While some memory care communities only focus on basic care and safety, we strive to go beyond that notion by using interests and passions to help residents rediscover their sense of purpose. They also get to experience our Rhythms Dementia Program, which centers on creating an environment where each resident can find purpose and a fulfilling lifestyle.  We focus on what is possible for your loved one.

Top Things to Bring to Memory Care

1. Decor
Personal decor like paintings, photographs, plants or a vase can really make a new apartment feel like home. We will provide a sign with your loved one’s name on the outside of their apartment door, along with a shadow box capturing their life history. You can furnish the apartment however you would like. Hanging pictures and curtains is allowed as well as mounting a television, please notify Executive Director before making alterations.

2. Furniture
Limit furniture to a bed, reclining/lift chairs and some additional storage or seating if desired. Downsizing is often needed when moving into an memory care apartment, add essential furniture first and then go from there. We recommend taking measurements if possible.

3. Houseware
Since meals will be provided, sets of dishes, pans and pots and other kitchen appliances are not necessary. You could consider bringing some of your loved one’s favorite snacks to store in the common dining area/communal refrigerator. A microwave, coffee pot and/or toaster is not permitted in memory care suites, but a favorite mug or tea towel might bring comfort in the transition.

4. Personal Items
Clothes (clothing sets, pajamas, socks, shoes and underwear), glasses, hearing aids, medications and toiletries are the first personal items to pack. Consider all other items as space permits.

You Are Not Alone

While transitioning your loved one from Assisted Living to Memory Care can be challenging in many ways, you can rest assured that the team at Sugar Fork Crossing is experienced in these transitions and can guide you every step of the way. Do not hesitate to contact our staff members for any questions and concerns you may have.

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