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Posted: April 30, 2020

Adult Day

What Types of Senior Care Services Are Available to My Family?

Everyone has needs specific to their immediate stage in life. Life as an elder in the community is no exception! Once you understand your loved one has such needs, you now must figure out how best to serve them.

The following contains a list of types of senior care services, each with their own description. If one of these seems to match the situation your loved one is in, consider researching more on the topic.

Family Provided or In Home Senior Care

In family provided care, the loved one either stays in their own home and their family helps them or they move in with their family members. In either case, the family becomes the primary caregivers. Sometimes, families will hire additional professional caregivers through an agency or as independent workers. They primarily fill in while the familial caregiver is either at work.

Virtual Companion Care

This type of care works well for individuals who still live alone but require certain reminders and desire occasional social interaction. Virtual Companion care provides individuals with a tablet computer that helps monitor their safety and mood while also providing them with reminders and people to interact with over the internet.

Adult Day Programs

Also known as Adult Day Care, Adult Day Programs are best suited for individuals who may not be able to safely stay at home alone all day but do not require round-the-clock care. Adult Day programs offer away-from-home social activity, supervision, and care during regular work day hours.

Independent Living

Commonly found in retirement communities, this type of care is best for senior individuals looking for a community of their peers to live in. Independent living residents enjoy a community built specifically for them where they can choose to live in senior apartments or condo complexes that offer recreational and social activities as well as other amenities.

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Assisted Living

Assisted living works similar to independent living but is designed for individuals with more regular personal care needs. Residents may require personal care assistance with things like moving around, getting dressed, or receiving medication reminders. 

Memory Care

Memory care is designed specifically for people with memory loss like Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia. Like independent and assisted living, it offers a range of recreational and social activities. But, the community also takes increased safety measures to ward off the consequences of wandering, one of the most frequent symptoms of dementia. 

Continuum of Care

Continuum of Care communities combine independent living, assisted living, and memory care all in one place. This type of care offers a wide range of services on an a la carte basis, from help with daily tasks to skilled nursing. Consequently, continuum of care is best for residents with progressive conditions that will cause them to require more care over time. By having things all in one place, the resident does not have to move to a new community to receive a different level of care. 

Nursing Homes

This care arrangement is designed for individuals in need of constant medical and personal care from a licensed healthcare professional. The accommodations resemble more clinical settings, rather than the homey environment of independent and assisted living. Unlike other forms of care, nursing homes are often moved to only temporarily. In these situations, residents move in to recover from something like a stroke or a bad fall and then move out once they have recovered.

Which Senior Living Service is the Best?

In short, no one of these care options is better than another. They are designed for specific people with specific needs. 

Now that you know a bit about the different senior living services available, you are better equipped to do more research on finding the specific type of care that will work best for your loved one in their new stage of life. 

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